Before they became classics, groups like The Rolling Stones were just another garage band.
Budweiser is the major sponsor of LollapaloozaBR. So, to this year’s festival, we worked on
the "New Classics Are Coming" tagline. The campaign started with a thread on Twitter,
asking people what lineup band they'd bet on to become a new classic. Their response served
as a starting point for the TV commercial - starred by the same people who responded it.
Not long after that, the #MyNewClassic made to the Twitter Trending Topics.



Catavento is a band from the south of Brazil which was invited to play on LollapaloozaBR for the first time. Since Budweiser is the beer behind the new classics, it was only fair to give them a ride on our motorhome from Caxias do Sul to São Paulo. Slices of this trip were featured on Budweiser’s Instagram stories. In addition, a music video was produced. It debuted to the whole country on the stage screen while the band was playing.